Innovation for thermal cutting tables: TheSlagger technology cleans automatically and provides protection from hazardous substances

Cleaning thermal tables results in stoppages and costs companies a great deal of time. Help comes in the form of TheSlagger patented technology: thanks to the automated extracting system, downtime is considerably reduced and employees benefit from optimum occupational health & safety.

Today metal-working companies are increasingly turning to plasma and oxyacetylene cutting as one of their key activities. At each step of these processes, the flame-cutter produces huge amounts of smoke, slag and small parts, which then accumulate under the cutting table. This dirt must be regularly disposed of – only in this way can the equipment continuously operate in a productive manner. This leads to considerable expenses in disassembling conventional extraction and thermal cutting tables so that the slag and small parts can be removed manually.

Cleaning may last several hours, if not days. It is a dirty and hazardous operation in which the employees are exposed to dust which is hazardous to health. During this time, the machine is at a standstill which, in turn, leads to considerable downtimes. Given the high cost of purchasing new cutting machines, companies try to keep downtimes as low as possible in practice.

An effective solution for this issue comes in the form of our new technology, TheSlagger. It, in contrast, reduces the downtimes of automatic cutting processes to a minimum. At the same time, effective extraction ensures a high level of occupational health & safety and stops cutting dust settling on the surrounding machinery.

Automatic extracting system

A cogwheel drive moves TheSlagger patented extracting system underneath the material support along the entire table. Slag and small parts accumulate in front of the plate. Once it reaches the end of the table, TheSlagger automatically discharges the dirt into a container. This can then be emptied during the ongoing cutting processes. Since the operation only lasts a few minutes, the machine can very soon be used again for cutting.

Aside from saving on time and the resulting benefits in cutting machine operating efficiency, TheSlagger’s technology also meets the requirements for effective cutting dust extraction. During the cutting process, TheSlagger collects large quantities of cutting dust where it arises. In so doing, the system operates in a very energy-efficient way –  sub-division into segments means that TheSlagger extracts only where cutting is actually ongoing. The result: the extracting power needed is very low – something that is reflected in the energy costs.

Protection from hazardous substances and durable equipment

This combination of automatic extraction and cutting dust collection at the thermal cutting table is unique on the market and ensures a high degree of occupational health & safety for employees in metal-working companies. Hazardous substances contained in the cutting dust do not contaminate the factory air and there is no contact for employees when cleaning with substances that are hazardous to health. The fact that no fine dust settles on the surrounding machines means that TheSlagger has a positive impact on their service lives.


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