Filter plates for longer service life in welding fume extraction equipment

Depending on the filter system, various elements are used in extraction and filter equipment. A tested and efficient variation is filter plates because they have an extremely long service life, which saves costs.

Filter plates enable improved airflow in combination with the so-called down-flow principle. Thereby the air in the filter equipment is sucked down from top to bottom which means that it is flowing in the same direction as the falling welding fume particles. Apart from this, filter plates are fitted with stably-welded filter folds which do not stick. In the best case scenario the filter plates are installed horizontally, which means that they are particularly easy and quick to replace.

Modern extraction equipment for welding fumes is equipped with automatic cleaning off of filter plates which is carried out using compressed air when required and controlled by differential pressure. In this case compressor blast flows directly out of the integrated compressed air container into the filter medium. Filters which do not require any rotating nozzles during the entire process thanks to their construction and shape are particularly recommended.

This results in numerous benefits for the operation: production can, for example, continue to run without restrictions and breaks for cleaning since the filter area is permanently available at a level of 100%. Wear is reduced since no moving parts are necessary. The service life increases, which means that considerably lower follow-up costs are incurred. Further savings are achieved through the lower compressed air and energy consumption since the cleaning-off only takes place specifically and as required.


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