Modern extraction and filter technology for welding school in Oman

100 welding locations in one place means one thing more than anything: an awful lot of welding fumes. To protect its apprentices, one of the largest welding schools in Oman has installed welding cabins in addition to modern extraction and filter technology.

The apprentice welders all work at the same time in the 100 cabins, located in the country’s capital of Muscat. The booths are each two by two metres in size. Welding cabins fitted with special sound-insulating walls are used to separate the workplaces from each other.

Each welding cabin is provided with its own extraction arm which is particularly easy to move and can therefore be optimally positioned. This makes welding work considerably more simple. 25 extraction arms are connected to a central extraction unit via a piping system.

The equipment achieves an extraction performance of 25,000 m³/h and therefore offers a high level of safety for the welders at their workplaces. Using the system they are protected against welding fumes, which are hazardous to health. Harmful, ultra-fine dust particles are captured along with the welding fumes. These are then separated from the air at the membrane in the integrated filter.



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