Effective labor protection for welding school in Saudi Arabia

The largest oil producing company in the world equips its welding school in Saudi Arabia with the latest technology for OSH from Germany. These include extraction and filtration Systems.

Saudi Aramco is the largest oil producing company in the world. The Saudi Arabian company is also active in gas production and trains their employees in their own special training centres. Their welding schools are the largest in the Country.

To meet the high standards of Occupational Health and Safety, the company relies on technology from Germany: Four central suction and filter units with an extraction capacity of 25,000 m³/h each capture the welding fumes at around 100 work stations in a newly-constructed training hall for the new up-and-coming welders of the Kingdom on the Arabian Peninsula. They are particularly suitable for large work areas. By using special membrane filter cartridges for ultra-fine dusts, they even collect particles of less than 0.1 μm during welding.

The central units are connected to the welding stations via a pipe system. In addition, the central units are designed as weather-protected systems and stand outside the hall so as not to take up valuable space in the hall. At the welding stations themselves, the welding apprentices have the flexibility to bring the OSH equipment into position to capture the maximum amount of welding fumes thanks to the flexible extraction arm which is rotatable by 360 degree and cantilevered. Besides this, because of the design characteristics of the extraction hood (the shape of the hood is oval), more welding fumes are collected than with conventional hoods whereby the hood is oriented on the weldseam and less false air is sucked in.

To protect the trainees not only against welding fumes, but also against noise emissions, Saudi Aramco built 100 welding booths from soundproof walls with sliding welding protection fins in the entrance. The advantages of welding booths: less noise thanks to innovative soundproofing cassettes and a tidy workshop through permanent work stations.


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